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It is organized jointly by the UWindsor MSA and MAC Youth.Respect Graduate School welcomes you to join us on Friday, April 21, for two great events with Shaykh Muhammad Mendes.The University Halaqah is a weekly Islamic educational circle for brothers and sisters at the university and college level.The halaqahs feature various guest speakers, engaging topics, activities, snacks, and more."I am sorry I am not able to discuss this at the moment." The cameras around him began to click furiously, and he resisted the urge to close his eyes against the blinding lights. " Houssam had recently gone to Algeria to visit his family.He had gone with his parents and it had been amazing to take a break and kick back and be in a place that not many people would recognize him.Qur’an Halaqah is a project that yearns to encourage and practically support sisters on their Qur’an journeys.

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Then from 7-9pm, join us for Friday Halaqah, a friendly and open discussion lead by Shaykh Mendes.

“They ask you about the concept of the soul, and it is from Allāh.” No matter how much knowledge you have, it is not much compared to the knowledge of Allāh (subḥānahu wa ta‘āla). Whoever enters the first stage becomes arrogant.” This is very natural.

When you see people start learning physics, medicine, or whatever field of knowledge, in the beginning you are arrogant because you think you know everything. Whoever enters the third stage realizes his or her ignorance.” You are exposed to a mountain of knowledge, and you compare whatever you have acquired over all of these years to what is out there. Imagine the knowledge of all of humanity together, and compare it to the knowledge of Allāh (subḥānahu wa ta‘āla) and it is nothing.

By the grace of Allah we have already had our first successful meet up.

On the 13th May, 55 beautiful sisters came together to be inspired by, and learn from, one sister's Qur'an journey to date.

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