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I just want to respect my husband, and make sure that all the sad stuff that we went through is understood. Yes, we are moving forward and doing things differently a second time. Professional football (NFL) player, who play for the Arena League Arizona Rattlers, who also came to be more popular when he started appearing on the WEtv's Marriage Boot Camp Show, the guy is Jacob Payne.

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She appeared on seasons 5 and 6 of Bad Girls Club, as well as Hair Battle Spectacular.Jacob was born in Detroit, Michigan on 18th July 1990, and later his parents moved to Lansing and grew up there with his siblings.The guy also played some of his college ball at Central Michigan who also passed out from there. Today, she's putting the rumors to rest, and explaining why she kept it a secret. Actually we made a video together based on Beyonce's "7/11." It went viral. How are you and Jacob doing, since your appearance on really laid out all the issues.She also told us that she and her husband Jacob are trying again..time for twins! Sarah and I actually were over in London and found out that we have a huge fanbase in the UK! Jacob doesn't like it when I do Bad Girl type things, like twerking on the bed or being half-naked on Instagram.

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