Filipina punk dating

(Obligatory ass covering: I’m a cisgendered, heterosexual white guy talking about racial issues.

Odds are good I’m going to inadvertently shove my foot in my mouth at high speed.

I know what this black woman is referring to: a group of three white 30 something year olds sitting at a table about 8 feet away from the two women. They have piercings through numerous parts of their faces: a bull ring, a nose ring, a stud through the bridge of a nose.

I wanted to say something to the two ladies, but wasn’t sure what to say.

“Drives me nuts too,” I hear her yoga pant wearing friend say. Are white people not allowed to practice yoga, Buddhism, get tribal bands, or wear locs since it’s not ‘white culture’ (and what is ‘white cultures’ anyway)?

Online dating tends to mean that people often let their filters down – the anonymity combined with the impersonalization of online communication often leads to people saying and acting in ways that they likely wouldn’t in person; this is also known as the Penny Arcade Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory. and a lot more people willing to call them out on being creepy.

A couple of days ago, the newest version of these – Creepy White Guys – was brought to my attention by readers.

She is speaking to her friend, a woman probably in her 50s as well with a shaven head and wearing yoga pants and a blue tank top.

She has mocha colored skin tone and seems to be of East Asian descent. They have shaven the sides of their heads and there are interesting black tattoos on their scalps.

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