Updating password

When you change your Hawk ID password, you'll need to update the password saved on your i Phone, i Pod Touch, or i Pad in order to access the UI Wireless network. In a UI Wireless hotspot, touch Settings, Wi-Fi, and select the blue icon at the end of the line after eduroam. Return to the Wi-Fi screen and touch eduroam again.You will be prompted for your Username and password.In the main body of the page, you are required to enter your current Email password, then detail the new password and then type this once more for confirmation that this is correct.- Note that the password must be at least 8 characters in length, must be both numbers & letters and contain at least one upper case character.If you are not signed into your account and have forgotten your current password, you can use the password assistance tool on the Log In page.

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Click here for some tips on how to create a more secure password.When you're logged in to your Vimeo account, you can update your password at any time by following the instructions on your Password Settings page.If you're not logged in your to your account, you can fill out this form in order to reset your password.When resetting your password, you'll receive a password reset email within 2 minutes.You'll have to click on the link in the message in order to choose a new password.

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