Time javascript updating

If you use a custom launcher and also want to use the 'badge' delivery option, we recommend that you use the on Unread Count Changemethod to show a badge on your custom launcher.If you use a custom launcher without a badge, you shouldn't use the badge delivery option.

A visitor is someone who goes to your site but does not use the messenger.

Setting the map's time extent is similar to setting the spatial extent because once the time extent is set the map display updates automatically to conform to the change.

Every time the map's time extent is changed all time-aware layers update to reflect the new extent.

This is the essense of client side caching and is something you should be exploiting () to get good throughput, efficiency and save on bandwidth costs.

Now, I'll "touch" the file - change it's modified date using the I've got in my c:\utils folder (from

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