Moonlight dating sim cheats for pc

There is also a small flat bridge, possibly concrete, across the river right before the waterfall.Moonlight Falls comes with character stories, such as feuding between founding families.Malcolm Landgraab moved from Sunset Valley in order to extend the reach of the Landgraab family.With good looks and a sharp wit, Malcolm has carved out a nice section of the town as his own.Now he has eyes on the mayor's office as he grooms his son to overtake the business centers in town. She is completely dedicated to its preservation and the safety of her neighbors.

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The town was founded centuries ago by two immigrant families: the Van Goulds - extraordinarily long lived and sun-averse, and the Wolffs, high spirited and strangely affected by the full moon.Although there are many families, only six are playable (excluding the families in the family bin), and only nine out of fifteen lots in the neighborhood can be lived in.It is possible to play as the other Sims by asking them to move in or by marrying them, but they can only live in the same house as the player.Shift-Click the Mailbox to access the ability to stop need decay for your current household or the entire neighborhood (effectively make everyone happy).Disable Need Decay will make needs stop falling; re-enabling them is as simple as selecting Enable Need Decay. You can do this on an individual Sim level by Shift-Clicking Your Sims.

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